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Click on the links below to view press articles published about our business and charity work

Articles About KLAS

Karine’s contribution to the CIOL Guide on “Technology for Translators” in February 2024

Karine’s blog on the CIOL’s website about her career in languages

Karine has high tea at the House of Lords

Members' Day – a personal view, by Karine Chevalier-Watts MCIL

Karine’s interview in Arthritis UK Magazine, August 2016

Karine's Personal Story - Fibromyalgia UK Magazine of August 2015

May 2015 - Interpreters give vintage fashion show a VIP opening

KLAS helps students find work in Italy

Melksham News Article

Karine’s involvement with the Chartered Institute of Linguists: excerpts from The Linguist magazine, January 2022

Karine at the House of Lords, Melksham News, 04/08/2022

Karine’s contribution to the guide: “Why become a member of CIOL” on page 10

Working with direct clients” on pages 2 and 9

Karine has contributed to the CIOL guide for schools

Karine has contributed to the June 2023 CIOL Translating Division guide: “Remaining a successful linguist in challenging times”

Ten top tips for promoting yourself as a Translator on social media

Karine's Charity Work

Melksham News Press Article 20th July 2023

Karine in Melksham News 17.02.22 for Fosterers Appeal

Melksham News article, 25/11/2021

Melksham News, 10.06.2021

Karine promoting charity Cats Action Trust N & W Wilts in the Wiltshire Times of 26th March 2021

Melksham News 2nd March 2017, Karine reunites lost cat with his owners 30 miles away

Taking in waifs and Strays - The Buddy Magazine

Social media success for Cats Action Trust

Melksham News May 2014 - appeal to feed rescued cats

Melksham News October 2013 - Karine promotes volunteering in national campaign

Karine uses social media skills to help the Cats Action Trust

Charity 'urgently' appeals for cat fosterers after an influx of abandoned cats and kittens

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